Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Project Life: Getting Started

Hello Crafty Friends!

So, at the start of the year, I decided to try my hand at Project Life.  Seeing as this is my first post in what I intend to be a series of installments showing my progress, we'll call this "Getting Started".

The reason Project Life is appealing to me is because I take pictures pretty much every day of my life and document all of the "Little Things" -- but they basically live on my phone, or on my laptop, and that's where they stay.  When I learned about how the Project Life system works, well I realized that THIS was the type of scrapbooking I've needed all along.  It's easy, it doesn't require huge blocks of time, and it allows me to be as creative as I want (or not at all).

My first scrapbooking experiences had me staring at these huge 12"x12" blank pages, thumbing through sample layouts in magazines, searching through title and phrase books, and in my hands I held stickers of everything under the sun -- it was overwhelming and it took forever to figure out how I wanted to set up a page, what color scheme I wanted to use, how I wanted to crop a photo, what to journal about, etc.  If you've scrapbooked anywhere from 10 years ago or more -- you know what I'm talking about!  And if you have the time for it, great!  But, I don't.

Here's an example of one of my "older" scrapbook pages:

And here is an example of what my Project Life pages look like:

For my 2013 album, I am actually not using a Becky Higgins' core kit.  I'm not even using her page protectors.  Not because I don't LOVE her kits, just because I started collecting page protectors from different brands, the above pages are from American Crafts and the other pages are from We R Memory Keepers (as is the D-ring binder/album itself in Chocolate Leather).

The papers I've decided to use are from Simple Stories and it's the "SN@P! Life" series.

Below is my setup as I was able to work on my dining room table one evening since all of my supplies fit nicely in the basket you see (the glass of Moscato is optional):

So this is the beginning of my journey to actually recording our "good life" to share and enjoy now and to pass on to future generations.

Are you currently working on Project Life?  Please leave a link to your blog if so, so I can check it out!

Thanks for stopping by! :-)


  1. Very nice! This looks a lot easier to manage than the old way.

    1. It's so much easier! Anyone who has no time + photos and wants to scrapbook, this is the way to go. I'm literally done with old school scrapbooking!!!

  2. I'm not working on Project Life, but I have to acknowledge that I haven't put pics in albums in 2 years. Nice. Talk about a project.

    Tevin Campbell...

    1. This made me instantly smile! You know I was the biggest Tevin fan back in the day. Hmm... where are my CASSETTES?!

      BTW, Project Life... you can back track, clearly. Just run with the concept. If you've got your photos uploaded chronologically like on Snapfish, you're set. Print and fill your albums. They also have mini albums, which might seem even easier, like for specific events. Just saying!

      I'm going to J's baby album this way. :-)

  3. I love your post! I have been eyeing Project Life for a couple of years and finally decided to give it a go for 2013 and am loving it! I am doing it digitally just because of serious time restraints but will have my layouts printed in a book. Later I will attack the others. . . . TFS your journey,
    I have mine at
    Take care - Sonia

    1. That's great, Sonia! I find it really satisfying to able to complete something, even if it's just a page in the album. In the past I'd be so disappointed that my albums never got completed. Thanks for sharing your blog!


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