Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Tag 2012: LOVE

Hello Crafty Friends!


I started making this tag for my husband, and then I got to thinking that it would be a really great challenge for myself to make one tag, per month.  Simple.  Complete one small tag, and... done!  One project per month, creativity satisfied and a personal sense of pride gained.  But as I was doing the one tag, I was loving it so much, that I just started making two identical tags.  So here's my little goal for the year, make 2 (mostly) identical tags each month, keep one and give one away.  And, the "give away" one will be based on something specific happening in that month for that particular friend/family member.  What do ya think?  Think I can handle that?  I think so!

Okay, so I began making this tag for my husband, because we got engaged 4 years ago on February 19th, and I wanted to make something for him as part of his gift (yes, we celebrate a few "anniversaries" throughout the year).

Here is the back of the tag... yup, a pocket!

A tag within a tag!

Side by Side.

On the back side of the tag, I'm going to attach a photo of us.

Okay, so now I'm already a month behind, as you've probably realized.  But it's just one month, I am on a roll, so next up SHOULD BE my January tag.  :-)

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

Tim Holtz is doing his own 12 tags of 2012 Challenge,
so I JUST submitted this tag for February.


  1. 1 Corinthians 13...I love it! Happy anniversary!

    Can't wait to get my tag... ;)

  2. Thanks!

    Yes! You will be getting one... soon!


  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Cute project!

  4. This is really pretty! I love how the tag pulls out of the pocket! Very nice! :)


  5. Thanks for your comments, Ladies!

    Thanks for visiting!


  6. Thanks Cyndy! It was my first tag, I LOVE the way it came out!



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