Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marion Smith's 31 Days of January Challenge

Hello Crafty Friends!

I've been participating in Marion Smith's 31 Days of January Challenge, and I'm quite surprised that I'm keeping up at well as I am.  There will be a complete video at the end of the project that I will post, but so far, you only get to see the first page.

The details about how the challenge works are outlined in her YouTube video:

I'm finding that this is a nearly easy challenge so long as I stay organized and on top of it, working on it every few days.  The only downside is I'm ordering my photos to print and have to wait for them to come in the mail.  It kind of works out, like for example, tonight I prepped a lot of the pages so I just have to glue the photos in and journal.

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  1. I'm doing her journal too, don't you love it? I journal on a scrap paper that day and keep in day 4 pocket until I can transpose to the page. I also do the photos online and pick up at my cvs down the street the same day. I'll have to post pics of mine too but I totally llove, love, love this project. Can't wait to see more of yours. Are you using all of her kit? Hugs! Jen at

  2. Hi Jen! It's really a fun project, that I can see myself doing for other months -- but probably can't keep up for the entire year! I'm using a 6x6 scrapbook, because I don't have a bind it all or cinch (yet) -- but I am using a lot of her papers because they are so beautiful and I wanted it to feel more legit as part of this specific project. For my last few pictures, I'll have to do the same, order and pick up at CVS, lol. I'm looking forward to seeing your's! Thanks for your comments!

    1. Me too on other months. I really like it. I don't have the binders either so I just used a standard office hole punch 3/8" and used a cinch binder wire and just squeezed it shut with my fingers and cut slits in bottom of my holes to place pages on the wire binder. I need to catch up this weekend on putting new pages in. I'll try to post on Monday. Hugs!!! Jen

  3. Your page is so pretty.
    Sounds similar to my Project 365, but I do the whole year.

    Your blog is gorgeous.

  4. @Jen: I'm doing the same thing when adding pages, regular hole punch and the slits like Marion is doing. Didn't think of just getting some wire, but I'm getting better at it the more I go.

    @Tracy: Thanks! I love the new design. Yes, the project is just like the 365, but just for January. At this point, I doubt I can keep up a whole year. But I'm going to try weekly in some way. :-)

    Thanks for you comments, ladies!

    <3 Theresa


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